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Behavioural Training

Behavioural Training

Do you need help to understand and change your dogs behaviour?

I can help you to understand why your dog behaves in certain ways and help you find a way to deal with any unwanted behaviour patterns.

Canine Behaviour Therapy attempts to modify the dogs behaviour using tried and tested psychological principles for the benefit of both dog and owner. Only Kind and Positive methods are used. Each case is treated individually as no two dogs or owners are the same.

What happens next?

Plainville Behavioural TrainingWhen you ring I will take a few basic details as to the nature of the problem and arrange an initial consultation in your home where both you and your dog will be most at ease.

The Initial Consultation will probably take between 2 and 3 hours as I will try and gain as much information as possible to find out what form the behaviour takes and what causes it. During the consultation you will be given help and advice to begin to deal with the problem, this will then be followed up with a written report detailing the findings and a written action plan offering practical advice and support.

You will also receive a follow up phone call to discuss your progress.

Should any further visits be necessary these can be arranged at an extra cost but generally one visit and a follow up call are sufficient.

This is not a quick-fix solution, modifying behaviour takes time and commitment from you but if the advice is followed correctly you can soon look forward to a rewarding and enriching relationship with your dog.

Please call me for an informal chat and we can discuss how you and your dog can begin to understand each other.