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    21.01.2017 – Exciting plans for 2017                                                                                              

    We have exciting things planned for 2017, watch this space for updates.

    07.04.2015 – Expelliarmus.
    We are proud to introduce Expelliarmus du Greffier du Roi (Isidore des Hautes Clauses x Hocus Pocus du Levante de la Vieille Marne) known as Exo. He has come from Jolanda Huismans famous du Greffier du Roi kennels in Holland and is a welcome addition to the Plainville Hounds. Thank you Jolanda for entrusting us with such an outstanding dog.
    06.04.2015 – Typically Paloma.
    In true Paloma fashion we have a lovely Easter litter of three (following her Christmas 2013 litter of three).
    Smile, Solo & Three are all big chunky puppies and are already making us smile.
    28.03.2015 – Exciting News.
    Our first Schnauzer litter arrived today ready to share our youngest son Morgan’s 17th Birthday celebrations.
    Momma & Babies – Cat, Tatou & Little Dude are all doing well. Jelly anyone?
    21.03.2015 – Quarry Does it Again!
    Quarry (Plainville Dernier Piqueur) won Best Puppy in Breed & Reserve Best Puppy in Show this weekend.
    He enjoyed himself enormously as did Artemis (Plainville Artemis) who won Best Junior Bitch at her first ever show.
    07.03.2015 – Quarry Wins Best Puppy In Breed at Crufts!
    Following on from the fun of Discover Dogs Quarry (Plainville Dernier Piqueur) had a wonderful time in the breed ring winning Best Puppy in Breed under judge Jan Pain. We are delighted with our handsome boy.
    06.03.2015 – Discover Dogs Update.
    Quarry, Caillette and Phoenix had a wonderful time at Crufts and made lots of new friends on the Discover Dogs booth. Quarry obviously has a clear conscience as his new best friend is one of the policemen working at the NEC.
    We love doing Discover Dogs and  had a great time meeting lots of new people both those already owned by a GBGV and those looking to find out more about our lovely breed.
    28.02.2015 – Discover Dogs at Crufts 5th to 8th March.
    Discover Dogs at Crufts is a fabulous opportunity to meet all the dogs officially recognised by the Kennel Club and chat with owners and breeders about living with different breeds. We are there on Friday morning with three of our hounds representing the GBGV and looking forward to meeting everyone.
    28.02.2015 – Crufts 5th to 8th March.
    Very much looking forward to Crufts again this year. We will be there for all four days with three of our pack. The GBGV judging is on Saturday at 10.30am in Hall 5 Ring 32.
    Following on from feeding our dogs extremely successfully on Nutriment for the last year we have acquired a huge freezer and have now become official stockists. For more information please contact us directly or Nutriment on 01276 63554
    25.12.2014 – Merry Christmas Everyone!
    2014 has been a very busy year for us, we have had exciting new litters and met some lovely people.
    Our Facebook group continues to grow with some wonderful people involved who clearly love their GBGV’s and are always happy to help with advice as well as giving a fabulous insight into the idiosyncrosies of our breed. Thank you all.Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from everyone at Plainville.
    21.11.2014 – BGV Club Calendar.
    The new 2015 BGV Club Calendar is now available to buy from the BGV Club website
    They are priced at £12 including postage and make a great gift for any BGV enthusiast.
    26.10.2014 – DIY Dog.
    Phoenix made herself useful recently as Paul put up some new curtains.
    She says that he couldn’t have managed without her but Paul was not so sure!
    30.09.2014 – Meet Bayou.
    All Jete’s puppies are getting ready to head to their new homes.
    Plainville Mack Bayou is staying here to join the Plainville pack and will make her show debut in the spring.
    04.09.2014 – Happy Hounds!
    Its easy to see why GBGV’s are known as the Happy Hounds when you see Caillette and Phoenix playing in the fields.
    22.08.2014 – Bathing
    Thats what I think of that!
    Moose was not the biggest fan of the bath today and made his feelings known to all!
    12.08.2014 – Bottle Feeding.
    Sometimes in the early days we need to help new mums as they adjust.
    Bottle feeding puppies is definitely one of the nicer jobs as you also get to spend lots of time with the newborns.
    10.08.2014 – New Arrivals!
    We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Jete & Houdini’s litter. 11 puppies, 7 Girls and 4 Boys who are all making good progress. Working names are Seuss, Grammar, Vervain, Koala, Catapult, Dragon, Moose, Crush, Wolf, Twiglet and Siren. As always we are happy to explain if you would like to get in touch.
    09.08.2014 – Teddy the Therapy Dog.
    Meet Archie and Teddy who is being trained as a Therapy Dog to help with nuerological issues such as anxiety and speech which affects the way Archie copes with everyday life. She has already made a change with Archie, he will do things with Teddy that he wouldn’t ever consider before. His speech is flawless when he talks to Teddy which means he is making progress every day. Her training will last another year to eighteen months and we will post regular updates as we recieve them. Isn’t it wonderful what a GBGV can do given the correct training and guidance. Good luck Archie & Teddy.
    09.08.2014 – Coffee Shop.
    We had a busy day socialising puppies in Kendal. It seemed like everyone wanted to stop and talk to them, so much so that by the time we stopped for Coffee they were exhausted. Thanks you to Farrah’s in Kendal for being so welcoming and truly dog friendly and also Alison for helping with dog walking.
    01.08.2014 – Fabulous Fergus.
    Fergus the Border Collie we hand reared continues to go from strength to strength. He is now trainiing for and entering obedience competitions with Lynn with great success. We were delighted to hear that in 2 recent competitions he was top Border Collie. Well done to Fergus and Lynn.
    20.07.2014 – Ralph (Plainville Esquilinus).
    Just heard from Sue that Ralph not only won Best of Breed at Kingston Canine Society Show he also went on to win Hound Group 3. This was hot on the heels of his Reserve Best of Sex in Breed award at East of England Agricultural Society Championship Show. Congratualtion to Sue, Nick and Ralph from all at Plainville.
    For those who don’t understand dog showing Hound Group 3 means he was the third best Hound at the Show!!
    17.07.2014 – Imogen & Jete.
    Here is a lovely picture of Jete with Imogen as they were settling down on the sofa to watch a girly chick flick.** Stop Press ** – We have just found out that Jete is expecting puppies by Houdini du Levant de la Vieille Marne. They are due in early August – ** Stop Press **
    11.07.2014 – Unusual Breeds.
    Not sure that these dogs were quite what we were looking for…… We saw these fabulaous Lego dogs on a recent trip, very quiet, not much personallty and a lot less fun than a Grand!
    05.07.2014 – It’s Summer.
    Even the Lake District has seen its fair share of the recent hot weather. Here is Plainville Dernier Piqueur enjoying the sunshine.
    02.07.2014 – Don’t Forget Me!
    Garbo one of our Miniature Schnauzer’s likes to make sure that nothing happens without her knowing about it. Here she is greeting Paul as he returned from a recent trip to Hong Kong.
    12.06.2014 – Assured Breeder Top Marks!
    We have had our written assessment back from our recent Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme inspection and are delighted to have receieved top marks in every category.
    06.06.2014 – Puppy Update.
    Puppies are all starting to go to their new homes now and we are thrilled they have all found such fabulous new families.
    We still have two gorgeous boys available to the right homes, for more information please give us a call and we will be happy to tell you more about them. To all our puppies and new owners we would simply say enjoy each other.
    30.05.2014 – Lights, Camera, Action!
    Just before the puppies began to leave for their new homes we thought that it would be fun to try to get a photo of both litters together – it was hysterical, 17 puppies in 17 different directions! We didn’t manage a photo but we did have a great time with a lot of laughter.
    13.05.2014 – Explorer Puppy.
    Finally some sunshine!
    It was wonderful for the puppies to get outside on the grass in the sunshine – it almost made the worming worth it, well almost!
    Plainville Dernier Piqueur loved the opportunity to explore.
    15.04.2014 – Older Dog Available.
    Occasionally we look for a new family home for one of our older dogs – puppies are not for everyone. We currently have one of our older dogs looking for such a home.  If you would like more information please contact us.
    10.04.2014 – Facebook Group.
    Our Facebook group page is becoming more popular and is where we post regular updates on puppies and our other dogs, we also welcome input from everyone who has a Plainville Hound so there are often new posts and lots of photos for eveyone interested in Grand Basset.
    09.04.2014 – Puppies Available.
    There are still puppies available from Caillette’s litter for suitable homes. If you think that you can provide a really great home for a Grand Basset then please contact us and we can give you lots more details about the breed, our dogs and this super litter of puppies.
    08.04.2014 – Life at the End of the Rainbow.
    We are very fortunate to live in a very beautiful part of the country but this morning was exceptional – a complete rainbow stretched out across our back field, amazing!
    06.04.2014 – Puppy Names.
    As ever all the puppies now have working names.
    Piquette’s litter are Cuckoo, April, Stefan, Damon and Aussie.
    Caillette’s with the coloured colours are Terry, Magic, Minion, Latte, Mocha, Jake, Elwood, Lady, Hedwig, Marion, Rain and Christian – the reasons why are on our Facebook Group Page. For those not on Facebook you can try and match the names to the coloured collars.
    02.04.2014 – Caillette Puppies Arrive Too.
    Not to be left out Caillette’s puppies have arrived too. It was a long night for her and we watched several movies together whilst all twelve puppies (Six Boys & Six Girls) were born.
    She is quiet and settled now and will hopefully sleep for a while to regain her strength. Dad meanwhile is completely oblivious and is happily getting on with his day running around the fields with the other Grands!
    31.03.2014 – Piquette Puppies Arrive on Time.
    Piquette behaved impeccably as ever having her five puppies on her due date. The three boys and two girls are all big and healthy and Piquette is doing a great job of keeping them clean and well fed.
    Everyone is relaxed, happy and looking forward to Caillette’s puppies arriving in the next couple of days.
    24.03.2014 – New Arrivals.
    Both Caillette and Piquette are feeling the weight of pregnancy now with puppies due within the next week.
    Caillette is looking for small spaces to be although squeezing into the fireplace was a new one on us!
    We are very excited about our impending new arrivals and will update details here when we have further information or alternatively you can follow progress on our Plainville Hounds Facebook page.
    22.03.2014 – BGV Open Show – Jago Retires
    Jago attended his last show today and ended on a high by winning the Special Award Champion Class under judge Mrs A Allen. Thank you to all the judges who have thought so highly of our boy throughout his show career.
    We have some exciting new youngsters entering the show ring in 2014 but will always be grateful to Jago our first home bred Champion.
    07.03.2014 – TV Debut
    Phoenix (Plainville L’Oiseau de Feu) made her TV debut (with Imogen) at Crufts. Jessica Holm did a slot featuring scent hounds where Phoenix had the most wonderful time totally unfazed by the strange equipment and following the filming curled up on the cameramans knee!
    02.03.2014 – Puppies Go To New Homes.
    Our Christmas Gifts have now left for their new homes. Plainville Gold (Houblon) has gone down to Sussex to live amongst sheep and hens. His email and texting skills are excellent and we are enjoying keeping up with his new adventures.
    Pictured left is Plainville Myrrh (Pogo) is now in Yorkshire and settling in very well with her new family.
    Plainville Frankincense (Inky) is staying with us at Plainville being her wonderful mischievous self.
    01.03.2014 – Crufts 2014.
    We are all excited about Crufts and Discover Dogs next week. This will be Imogens first time in the show ring at Crufts and we are all very proud of her and Phoenix.
    14.02.2014 – Puppy Road Trip.
    Whilst puppies are with us we do as much as we can to socialise and acclimatise them to the wider world so that they can be relaxed and happy when they begin their adventure with their new families.
    Today was the road trip to Kirkby Lonsdale, all was very calm and quiet in the car and the puppies proved a real hit with everyone they met.
    17.01.2014 – Its Not Raining!
    The weather recently has been grim for anyone with dogs but we did escape for a walk through the Lune Valley with the girls today – it even stopped raining for a short while. There are lots of dog friendly tea shops in Kirkby Lonsdale which was a big bonus!
    08.01.2014 – Rock, Paper, Scissors.
    We are growing quickly and now have names although we think the humans where a little undecided this time and resorted to playing games thus we are Rock, Paper & Scissors. Our kennel names better reflect the timing of our arrival so with the Kennel Club we are Plainville Gold, Plainville Frankincense and Plainville Myrrh – the Christmas Gifts.
    07.01.2014 – Heavy Sleeper?
    Well 1.2kg actually. Some puppies can sleep anywhere, Rock found waking up far too much like hardwork this morning so chose to remain asleep instead during our daily puppy checking routine.
    27.12.2013 – Sad News
    We had to say goodbye today to our very much loved Bengal cat Chatterbox often known as Chatty due to her friendly talkative nature. She had reached the grand old age of seventeen but didn’t look or act a day over two.
    Anyone who has visited here knows just how big a personality she was and despite being the only cat within the household she was very much in control, one look from Chatty and all the dogs knew who was in charge.
    She will be greatly missed by everyone.
    25.12.2013 – Christmas Gifts!
    Whilst everyone else was busy unwrapping presents, eating Christmas lunch and watching the Queen’s speech we had our hands full with a different type of present as Paloma (Plainville Perfect Circle) produced three beautiful puppies. Momma and babes are doing well and for us Boxing Day became the new Christmas Day.
    20.12.2013 – Isla & Iva Latest.
    Thank you to everyone who made enquiries but we are happy to report both Isla and Iva have found wonderful new homes.
    24.11.2013 – Join Us on Facebook
    For those on FB have a look at our Plainville Hounds Group and join in the fun of owning a GBGV and a Schnauzer or two.
    21.11.2013 – Isla
    Six year old Isla is also looking for a home. She has come to us from a family who are unable to have her live with them at the moment so have relucatantly decided to give her up for adoption. She has settled in well here with our dogs and family and would make a wondeful & loving companion for a couple / older family. For more information please contact us.
    20.11.2013 – Older Puppy Looking for a New Home
    Often we run dogs on hoping that they will make it as a show dog, ocaasionally things dont go quite to plan and we then look to home beautiful young dogs iinto a suitable family home.
    Iva is 7 month old sable and white bitch, she is a super girl, well socialised with a great temperament, she will simply be a little smaller than we would like for showing but will make an amazing family pet.
    For more details please contact us.
    09.11.2013 – He Did It !  Our First Plainville Champion.
    Jago won his 3rd CC at the 2013 BGV Club Championship Show under breed specialist Dr Jessica Holm making him Champion Plainville Tout Ca Parce Que (subject to KC approval).
    We are all delighted with our first home-bred Champion. Thank you to all the Judges who have recognised the excellence of our boy, especially Pam Aldous-Town, Mark Coccoza and Dr Jessica Holm.
    21.10.2013 – Great News from Poland.
    Bonsai (Plainville Maccabeu) won CACIB, CAC, BOS, Derby Winner and Best Derby at Komarom Show in Hungary.
    Brilliant news. Well done Alex from all of us here at Plainville.
    19.10.2013 – Grooming Weekend at Plainville.
    Breed Expert Jolanda Huisman and Grooming Guru Marlou Könings travelled from the Netherlands to give a hands on Grooming Seminar. Owners were invited to bring their own dogs and training was tailored specifically to each owner/dogs needs and requirements. It was a hugely successful event and one that is sure to be repeated in the future.
    15.09.2013 – Indi Heads Off.
    Indi heads off to his new home with Mickey and family in Devon. Now called Dibgy to his new family we are sure he will have a fabulous time but we will miss you little man!
    16.08.2013 – Jago Wins 2nd CC
    Clearly Paul is delighted! Jago (Plainville Tout Ca Parce Que) was awarded his 2nd Challenge Certificate at Welsh Kennel Club under Judge Mark Cocozza!
    A very early start was well worth the trip. We are all thrilled to bits!
    05.08.2013 – Phoenix wins at Houndshow
    Still fairly new to the showring and only her third show Phoenix (Plainville L’Oiseau de Feu) won a strong class under Judge Linda Lewis to be Best Puppy Bitch.
    She is lovely girl to live with , a bundle of fun and energy and seems to love the show world. Imogen has finally got the girl that she has so desperately wanted to show and we are sure they will have fun and success in the future.
    Good luck to you both!!
    18.06.2013 – Male Puppy Available.
    Unexpectedly we do still have a males puppy available due to an unforseen change in circumstances with his prospective new owners. If you would like to find out more about him please contact us.
    14.06.2013 – Puppies Head Home.
    Puppies are now beginning to leave which is always a bittersweet time but we are sure they will all have many exciting adventures ahead in their new homes. We look forward to receiving news on how they are all progressing.
    03.05.2013 – We Now Have Names.
    We are now 2 weeks old and beginning to open our eyes. Our names are Jem, Womble, Seven and HG for us girls, the boys are Indy, Zed, Frank, Bear and Eli. There are reasons apparently, something to do with a Plainville tradition of unusual names. I’m sure the humans will be able to explain more!
    28.04.2013 – Ici & Litter.
    Everyone is progressing well and Ici is enjoying being a Mum.
    There have been some changes in circumstances in a couple of the potential new homes for the puppies meaning that we do currently have puppies available from this litter, if you would like to find out more then please contact us and we will be happy to chat to you about the breed or in more detail about this litter.
    28.04.2013 – Dexter Best in Show!
    Congratulations to Jackie & Emma who along with their 2 GBGV’s Dexter (Plainville Platinus) and Ziva (Plainville Tiberis) had a great day at the BGV Club Reunion day. Ziva (Left) won “Prettiest Bitch” and Dexter (Right) won dog “Judge Would Most Like to Take Home” prior to winning Best in Show much to everyones delight. Thank you to judge Nik Oakley.
    21.04.2013 – All Aboard with Captain Louis!
    We had some wonderful pictures from Pennie and Andrew of Louis (Plainville Petroushka) aboard their Narrowboat. Now he has found his sea-legs they are all looking forward to a nice summer on the water.
    19.04.2013 – Delayed Arrivals!
    Ici`s puppies have arrived safely albeit a couple of days later than expected. A lovely even litter of 9 sables and white / tri coloured puppies – 5 boys and 4 girls. More pictures will follow shortly but as you can see from the picture Momma and babies are all settling well.
    08.03.2013 – Discover Dogs.
    Fidget (Plainville Femme Fatale) & Zephyr (Zephyr du Greffier du Roi) had a wonderful time doing Discover Dogs at Crufts making lots of new friends along the way.
    As you can see from the picture Zephyr particularly liked catching up with Esme so he could hold a converstaion in his native Dutch.
    Meeting the public and making new friends can be so exhausting!
    07.03.2013 – Crufts, Discover Dogs & So Much More.
    We are all looking forward to Hound Day on Thursday and catching up with friends at the first big event of 2013. It will be an early start as we are in the show ring at 10am!
    Friday morning we are back to the NEC for Discover Dogs on the GBGV stand which is always a lot of fun both for us and the dogs meeting people interested in and wanting to learn more about our wonderful breed.
    05.02.2013 – Snow Fun!
    Houdini & Garbo make the most of an impromptu snow fall. Mind that cattle grid Houdini!
    Jete as ever just takes things in her stride.
    27.01.2013 – Phoenix & Folie.
    Unusually we were unable to choose which puppy to keep from Jete’s litter so we decided to run on both Phoenix (Orange & White) and Folie (Sable & White). After much deliberation Phoenix (Plainville L’Oiseau de Feu) is staying with the Plainville pack. Folie – now called Mabel is happily living in North Wales with Shelley, Bryn and family.
    All the other puppies are settled into their new homes and we look forward to hearing how they are getting on.
    03.01.2013 – Dancing Dogs!
    With a mum named Jete the puppies had to have a dance theme to their names so………………………………..they are all named after famous ballets!
    01.01.2013 -Houdini.
    New Year also brought our new arrival Houdin du Levant de la Vieille Marne from Frederic Mayeur’s kennel in France. He has come to us in joint ownership with J